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Brooklyn Heights Pizza

Brooklyn Heights Pizzeria

This week we review a favorite of just about any American. By  American I mean anyone in North, Central, or South America and any of the American Islands. What is this wonderful, transnational food of which I speak? Why, pizza of course. What's not to like about pizza? It's of Italian and Greek origin but lends itself well to any country. And why not? After all, at its core it's simply a piece of flatbread baked with sauce toppings. There are many styles of pizza pie, and this week we had an excellent New York style pizza. Where did we go?

The pizzeria in question is Brooklyn Heights Pizza, located at Parmer Lane and Avery Ranch in Cedar Park. What differentiates a N.Y. style pizza from other types? On a N.Y. style pizza the crust should be thin, tender, easily folded and hand tossed. The slices are usually large; in fact the entire pizza may be cut into only eight pieces. The sauce is spread on first, then cheese and finally the toppings. How does Brooklyn Heights measure up to this? Quite well, actually.

Brooklyn Heights Ultimate
We tried the Brooklyn Heights Ultimate, which was a great selection. Brooklyn Heights starts, as any respectable pizzeria does, with an excellent crust. It is thin, tender and has a great flavor. So often it seems that the crust is the most overlooked part of the pizza. Most restaurants seem to put little effort into making their crusts and the end product suffers as a result. I was glad to see that Brooklyn Heights put some effort into their crust. Next, we have the sauce. Their sauce is quite good, not the best I've ever had but respectable none the less. The tomato flavor comes through nicely with just the right amount of garlic and spice. As for the toppings, they were all quite good. They were able to make their presence known without getting totally buried in the cheese and sauce. At many pizzerias it seems that the toppings get so smothered in grease and cheese that you almost don't notice them. In this case each topping could actually be tasted individually. Although we only tried the pizza, Brooklyn Heights also serves some rather tasty sounding entrees as well. While we certainly do recommend Brooklyn Heights, I feel I would be remiss if I did not add one caveat to this review.

The service is spotty at best and needs to be addressed by the management. Why so? Well, this was my third time attempting to order from them. The first two times I stopped by on off-peak hours and was ignored. Both times I walked up to the bar area, which was filled with patrons, and hoped that someone would stop to give me a menu or at least and acknowledgment of some kind but no luck. So instead I sat in plain sight of the wait staff, thinking surely someone see me and at least take a drink order. Again, no dice. Several times waitresses walked by, looked me in the face and kept on going. This went on for five or ten minutes before I'd had enough and left, and it happened on two separate occasions. Did I speak up or flag someone down? No I didn't, but why should I have to? The way I see it is that the staff is there wait on the customers, and if the restaurant is not busy then there is no reason a customer should have to flag someone down. Serving customers is the most basic part of customer service.

And before you ask, no my experience is not unique. My parents had similarly bad results both with dinning in and placing pick up orders. Not only did they get ignored until they finally left, their phone order got completely forgotten. To be fair, they were given coupons for free pizza to make up for it. Unfortunately the coupons were several months out of date. Had it not been for the customer service I would have rated them much higher.

Still, we try not to do negative reviews and when all is said and done their pizza is quite good. In fact their parking lot is usually packed around dinner time. So, keeping in mind that I am taking points off for poor service we give them an AFJ rating of 1 point.

AFJ rating- One Lone Star Point

14900 AVERY RANCH BLVD., C-700
AUSTIN, TX 78717
(512) 238-8889

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