Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lone Star Rating System

Here is how our rating system works:
Any restaurant reviewed will receive 1-5 points of the Lone Star. The more points received, the more highly recommended a restaurant is. Here is how each of the points should be interpreted-

One Point: A very good place to eat. It's worth the visit.

Two Points: Excellent place to eat. You should try to make the time to visit this place.

Three Points: Outstanding place to eat. Every Austinite should try this place and any visitor should try to make time to get here.

Four Points: Superb place to eat. If you visit Austin and don't go to this restaurant you will regret it.

Five Points: Essential place to eat. So good that if you visit Austin and don't eat here not only will you regret it, but your whole trip will be ruined.

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